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WELCOME Notre Dame School Alumni!  With a history that reaches back more than 50 years, alumni of Notre Dame School are making an impact on the world both near and far.  Whether you graduated in 2009 or 50 years ago, we value you!  Our school's educational mission is realized each and every day in what you do both personally and professionally. This section of our web site is intended to reach out to you in a special way.

Notre Dame School has an alumni base which numbers in excess of 1,200 spread across the country and worldwide .  Its alumni have distinguished themselves and taken on leadership roles across a wide array of professions, industries and government sectors.  The school and its students look to its alumni for sponsorship and support.

In 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, the 8th grade class visited Washington, D.C. and was honored to be personally greeted and welcomed to the United State Supreme Court by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.  (Notre Dame Class of 1968).  The hospitality extended by Chief Justice Roberts and his staff during their meeting exceeded the students' expectations.(Click here to view photo.)

During July, 2006 Notre Dame School hosted a highly successful 50th birthday gala for the school which was attended by more than 300 alumni, spouses, former teachers and parish families.

The future of our school rests in the differences that YOU are making in our world.  With this in mind, we ask the following three things from you.

  1. That you stay in touch with Notre Dame School.  Please take a few moments to update us on how you are doing.  Click here to download Alumni Update Form E-mail completed form to
  2. That you consider supporting Notre Dame through gifts of prayer, time (if you live in the area), and financial support.  Click here to make a secure gift online. Keep in mind that the cost of Catholic education continues to rise beyond what families used to have to pay.  You can help future generations enjoy the faith-based education you received.  Click here to learn about recent alumni correspondence. 
  3. That you continue to lead lives that reflect the Catholic faith you learned at Notre Dame School.  Together with your fellow alumni, you are building the Kingdom of God and making Notre Dame proud!
We are in the process of developing an information sharing page for alumni.  If you have any information, milestones, pictures etc. that you would like to share, please e-mail  Click here to email Alumni Relations. Please remember to include your graduating class year.

We are looking for a volunteer or two to help manage the Alumni Relations Program.  If you are interested, please contact Alumni Relations via e-mail.  Strong organizational and communication skills are desired. 

Please read the Church and School Fundraising Policy if you are interested in organizing an event.

Please refer back to this web page soon as we will be updating with new information.



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