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Notre Dame Catholic School

Preparing Young People for Extraordinary Lives

Notre Dame Catholic School is a thriving community of faith, family, and education. Our Pre-K – Grade 8 educational programming fosters learning in a faith-based, nurturing environment built around the needs of each individual child. Our extraordinarily dedicated faculty and staff of professional educators connect the art and the science of teaching, promoting student growth at all ability levels. A Notre Dame education balances research-based instructional practices with the human side of teaching, creating an ideal environment for learning.

Notre Dame’s broad, rigorous, and challenging 21st Century Pre-K – 8 curriculum is part of a culture of engagement that helps students develop a lifelong love of learning. Centered in faith and encompassing technology, the arts, and enriching projects and excursions, a Notre Dame education prepares young people for extraordinary lives as students learn how to use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of others.

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